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Internal Medicine

internal-medicineWhen your pet is not feeling well, Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital is committed to diagnosing and treating your pet’s disease. We use the most advanced technology to analyze your pet’s health condition. To reach a diagnosis, we may utilize our in-house laboratory, ultrasound unit, endoscopy, or digital radiography. It is our goal to accurately diagnose your pet’s disease and begin appropriate treatment as soon as possible, getting your pet on the road to recovery.

We will help you find the answers to your pet’s medical conditions and improve your pet’s quality of life. Commonly diagnosed medical problems such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease and thyroid disease can be treated with the most current medical or surgical protocols. If your pet needs special care, we will consult with a board-certified specialist. If your pet needs hospitalization, we are staffed with a team of loving, compassionate and trained technicians that will assist our veterinarians in the care of your pet.

We have a wide-range of experience diagnosing and treating diseases that involve, among others:

  • Gastroenterology (stomach problems)

  • Endocrinology (hormonal imbalances)

  • Cardiology

  • Emergencies

  • Liver disease

  • Kidney and urinary tract diseases

Monitored Care of Chronic Diseases

If your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes, liver or kidney disease, we will perform the treatment and monitoring that is needed to keep your pet healthy. We will make diet recommendations, recommend changes in your pet’s medications and treatments, recommend a monitoring schedule, and also consult with a board-certified specialist if your pet not responding appropriately to the treatments. For more information about the testing required for certain diseases, please view our Internal Medicine Testing FAQs page.

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