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endoscopy-serviceWe may recommend a procedure named endoscopy for your pet. Endoscopy is a minimally-invasive procedure that allows us to view inside your pet’s body and visualize the organs and internal systems without performing surgery. Endoscopy involves the use of endoscopes, or small cameras, which can be guided throughout the body via small incisions or naturally-existing orifices. The endoscope is a tube with a camera and light on the tip. We are able to visualize the area where the scope is placed. We are also able to take biopsies utilizing specialized instruments inserted through a channel in the endoscope.

We are able to perform endoscopies at Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital. Your pet will need to be under general anesthesia for this procedure. However, this non-surgical procedure minimizes the time your pet is under anesthesia and usually reduces the need for a hospital stay. Most dogs and cats will go home the day of the procedure, and usually do not experience pain or discomfort following the procedure. Complications from endoscopy itself are rare and will be discussed with you at the time of the procedure.

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